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Please note that at present time our organizational services have been halted. We will update our website with relevant information once our services are up and running again. Our email address is still active if you would like us to connect you with any of the therapists we have listed. 

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Despite overwhelming statistics and stories, mental health is still a taboo topic in Pakistan. While perceptions on the subject are slowly changing, the resources needed to deal with the surging mental health issues in our society are deeply neglected and lacking.


Wajah is here to address these issues.

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It took one therapy session to lift 5 years worth of weight I felt on my shoulders. So many people discouraged me,
but I'm so glad I went.
I'm looking forward to my next session.

- Review from a Satisfied Client

Our Core Values


Due to an underlying fear of an invasion of privacy, those seeking therapeutic services choose to withhold the truth. Lack of transparency could negatively impact the healing process. All those associated with Wajah have signed nondisclosure agreements. We intend on taking necessary measures to provide complete confidentiality to our clientele. Our team is dedicated to providing a non-disclosure experience to anybody who utilizes our services.


Wajah has a team of therapists with varying credentials, skills, and experiences in the field of psychological studies. Through their practices, our team has established a reputation that precedes them in regards to their ability to help their clients by providing sustainable emotional support, encouraging self-awareness, and recognition and mitigating emotional suffering. Our professionals are dedicated to providing a beneficial experience to those using their services.


At Wajah, we believe it is important to become familiar with the basic ethical guidelines that therapists should follow before they begin practicing. Our team of therapists have had ample experience and training in the field of therapeutic practices to be well-familiarized with their ethical responsibilities. Our team is encouraged to enroll in different courses to expand their set of therapeutic skills.

Our Team

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Sajjad Z. Khan
Integrative Therapist; CBT Practitioner

Sajjad Khan is an Integrative Therapist who specializes in one-on-one, individual and couples therapy. He has completed his Certification, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma, in Integrative Counseling and Psychodynamic Therapy from the Counseling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body in the United Kingdom. He is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

Khan has given therapy to over a hundred clients, and dealt with cases involving depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, different phobias, and personality disorders. He is passionate in his field, and has seen the progressive and beneficial results therapeutic services have had on his clients. 

Charges: PKR 5,000 for 55-60 minute session.

Ms. Faiza Aman
Integrative Therapist; CBT Practitioner

Ms. Aman is an integrative therapist who has dealt with cases involving different kinds of traumas and personality disorders. Faiza Aman has completed her level four diploma from the Counseling and Psychology Central Awarding Body in the UK.

She is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner from The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology. She has completed courses in Somatic Healing and Internal Family Systems Model (IFS). She is also skilled in Hara Therapy which integrates somatic and neuroscience based trauma approaches such as AEDP, IFS, Sensorimotor, and EMDR. Faiza is also currently enrolled in a Trauma course by Bassel Van Der Kolk. 

She has completed over a thousand hours of therapy, and has had experience with a variety of clients with different case facts and mental health needs. Faiza specializes in individual counseling focusing her therapeutic approach around her clients needs and providing them with holding and a safe space.

Charges: PKR 4,500 for 55-60 minute session.

Ms. Umbar Zaidi
Mental Health Practitioner; Integrative Therapist

Miss Zaidi is a Psychotherapist, and also a Group Therapist, however her services extend beyond that. She has a degree in Psychology and Counseling from San Francisco State University. Umbar has been certification in Mental Health First Aid and in Suicide Alertness. Miss Zaidi is also a member of a Prevention Education Program which aims to educate teens and youth on drugs and alcohol. She is a registered group therapist from the Counseling and Psychology Central Awarding Body in the UK, along with being a Level Five Certified Psychotherapist.

Umbar has been a part of the mental health field for over ten years, and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. She is also a Mental Health Lecturer, and also trains future therapist through a UK certified course. 

Umbar has worked with people from all backgrounds and ages, but her specialities lie in dealing with people who are struggling with mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, mood disorders, and self-harm. Umbar has worked closely with a number of teenagers and adolescents, and feels that is her speciality

Charges: PKR 4,500 for 55-60 minute session.

Ms. Tehmina Khawaja
Mental Health Practitioner; Integrative Therapist

Miss Khawaja has studied Psychology in her BS.c. and is an integrative therapist who has been certified by the Counseling and Psychology Central Awarding Body in the UK by completing her level four diploma. She has experience in dealing with cases involving adolescents and adults dealing with anxiety issues, self-harm, identity issues, and trauma.

Tehmina has over 300 hours of giving therapy and focuses on individual counseling by utilizing a wide variety of psychological theories and therapeutic approaches to ensure her clients progress.

Charges: PKR 3,500 for 55-60 minute session.

Ms. Neha Pirvani
Psychologist & Mental Health Practitioner; Behaviour & Academic Support Therapist

Miss Pirvani is an experienced clinical psychologists who offers in person and online therapeutic services. She has completed her Masters (MSc.) from Kings College London, and has over four yeas of work experiences in the field of psychology in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. 

Neha has had both adult and child patients. She has worked extensively with children who have neuro-developmental disorders and has TEACCH-based certification for academic therapy which she utilizes with the relevant clientele.

Charges: PKR 3,000 for 55-60 minute session.

Ms. Shumaila Mursaleen
Clinical Psychologist

Miss Mursaleen is an experienced clinical psychologist who has been practicing in the field since 2017.

She has experience in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, and behavioral therapy. She has been trained in applied behavior analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, neurolinguistic programming, applied child psychology, and translational analysis.

She is also a certified eidetic psychotherapist from Ireland, and has had a variety of clients from different age ranges and mental health requirements. Shumaila is passionate about her field and helping those who utilize her counseling services.

Charges: PKR 3000 for 55-60 minute session.

Ms. Anushay Kaiser
Online Counseling Psychologist

Anushay is a counseling psychologist who has has accredited certification in Counseling and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). She has completed her B.Sc. in Psychology from Coventry University, UK, and M.Sc. in Clinical Neuroscience from University College London, UK.

Anushay has given counseling services to cases involving depression, anxiety, and various mood disorders, and has worked with adults with disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, and Autism an the Enterprise Club for Disabled Adults in Coventry, UK. Anushay also has work experience at Counseling and Therapeutic Clinics in Islamabad, and has given therapeutic sessions to people ranging from the ages of 11 to 55 years.

Charges: PKR 3000 for 55-60 minute session.

Miss Anushay only conducts online sessions.


“Therapy made me realize I can change my behavior in a certain way to not see a specific reaction from my spouse.”
Anonymous Client Review
“The motivation to complete daily chores and enjoying doing them came from what I learnt and experienced in therapy.”
Anonymous Client Review
“Today was my fifth session. I feel content and relieved.”
Anonymous Client Review
“I have extreme confidence and faith in my therapist… I’m thankful!”
Anonymous Client Review
“It was amazing… I got to explore my feelings in a way that brings out productive results in a nonjudgemental and safe space.”
Anonymous Client Review
“Nice environment and a very sweet therapist. I felt heard after my first session.”
Anonymous Client Review

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