The term Wajah [/urdu: وجہ]/ refers to a reason. Wajah came about as a mission to facilitate and aid those struggling with mental health issues, and encourage them to utilize the benefits of counseling and  healing services. Through our organization we intend on providing counseling and therapeutic services that are accessible, beneficial, sustainable, and ethical.

Wajah is committed to help all those utilizing their services to benefit the state of their lives and aid them in alleviating any emotional pain and suffering they might be experiencing through means of self-awareness and improved understanding of themselves and their experiences.

Wajah [وجہ] to live a better life.

Our Mission​

Our primary mission is to provide the best experience for all those utilizing our services. We intend on expanding our available services in different fields of healing ranging from clinical to holistic services. We hope our resources assist in improving the of those lives affected by mental health related issues and aim to erase the stigma around mental health. We intend on providing out clients the opportunity to have a confidential, ethical and beneficial experience. Furthermore, we aim to empower those affected by mental health to maximize on their experience and enable the process to be tailored to each clients needs.

Our Vision​

Wajah is an attempt at addressing the lack of mental health related resources and awareness in our society. Our objective is to create and sustain a platform to address mental health as a substantive priority. Since it’s inception, Wajah has been an idea rooted in normalizing mental health and any persons ability and right to seek help for it. Too many people suffer with mental health in silence and don't seek help for it due to the taboo attached to the subject, and Wajah has come about as a mission to mitigate that taboo. In the future, we plan on integrating clinical, research, service, leadership, and educational efforts focused on mental health.